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About administration

Address and contacts:

Správa Chráněné krajinné oblasti Orlické hory
(Administration of Orlické hory PLA)
Dobrovského 332
516 01 Rychnov nad Kněžnou

phone: +420 494 539 541, fax: +420 494 539 540
e -mail: 

Map of the Administration's position:

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Organizational chart

The Administration of Orlické Hory PLA has ten employees. Their functions are as follows:

Ing. Jan MOCEK Director of the Administration Organisation representator, personal matters, fire protection, occupational health and protection
Ing. Zdeněk ZÁLIŠ Deputy-director, forestry Forestry, game management, non-forest vegetation, monument trees, Landscape Management Program, small-scale protected areas
Ing. Josef HÁJEK Zoologist Basic zoological research and monitoring, NATURA 2000 coordination (zoological part), Landscape Management Programme, CITES
Miloš VAŠEK Agriculture Agriculture and agroenvironmental programs, plot administration, territorial system of ecological stability, Landscape Management Programme - coordination
Václav KÁNSKÝ Landscape management Building industry, land-use plans, sports activity
Mgr. Michal GERŽA Botany Basic botanical research and monitoring, NATURA 2000 (botanical part)
Mgr. Radka JAKOUBKOVÁ Water management Water management, revitalisation of river systems, waste management
Ing. Rudolf REMEŠ IT GIS, webmaster, network administrator, documentation and small-scale protected areas management plans
Josef KUČERA Nature warden Nature warden, fieldwork (practical measures in small-scale protected areas, nature paths maintainance, marking and field facilities), environmental education
Alena ROLEJČKOVÁ Assistant, accountant Budget, accountancy, assets inventory, administration, library and archive

PLA Administration Orlické hory


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